Jump into the Pool at Best Western Inn of the Ozarks
Jump into the Pool at Best Western Inn of the Ozarks

Best Western Inn of the Ozarks, Your Eureka Springs

Centrally located near the heart of historic Eureka Springs, stay in comfort while you explore the Ozarks.

From the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks, in Eureka Springs, the best of Arkansas is yours to explore. Centrally located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and resting on 30 wooded acres, Inn of the Ozarks is known for its rugged views and modern amenities, like free wifi and suites with your own private balcony. Myrtie Mae's Cafe, the Inn's delicious on-site restaurant, serves up authentic homestyle soul food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not ready to relax? Take a dip in the outdoor pool or play a round of tennis.

Looking for a place to host your Eureka Springs wedding, group retreat, meeting or reunion? The Best Western Inn of the Ozarks features an 18,000-square-foot conference center that can be customized to fit any event.

Whatever your reason for traveling, the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks is your home away from home, but better!

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A wooded setting. A weathered wooden structure with a watermill at one end. Inn of the Ozarks is painted in green on the structure to be used as a welcome sign.
A hotel room. A king-size bed is in the center. A desk area and television sit on the opposite wall. A whirlpool surrounded by columns is in a far corner with the bath area to its left.
A hotel room. The first space is a living area with tables, a seating area and a wet bar. Through a doorway, a separate bedroom can be seen in the distance.
A hotel room shows a living area with a sofa, chair and coffee table. Opposite this conversation area is a desk and desk chair along with a wet bar against a back wall.
A hotel room. A king-size bed fills the majority of the room. A conversation area with two chairs, a side table and a lamp sits against a wall. Opposite the bed is a desk and chair along with a chest of drawers with a television.
A hotel room looking over a king-size bed. A vanity with dual sinks is seen opposite the bed along with a door that is open to reveal a toilet and bathtub. A second door leads to a living area where seating can be seen.
A kidney-shaped pool with blue water is surrounded by a concrete area with chaise loungers. Hotel room entrances can be seen beyond the loungers.
A kidney-shaped pool is surrounded by concrete walkway that holds chaise loungers. Tropical plants in containers dot the scene. An open umbrella can be seen in the front.
The edge of a pool with blue water. A group of three girls holding hands are mid-air in a jump into the pool from a concrete side.
A large restaurant dining space. In the center, cabinetry holds a built-in salad bar with a nose-guard shield over the offerings. Dining tables with people can be seen around the perimeter.
A heavy plate holds scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, two biscuits and an orange slice.
A waffle, topped with butter and an orange slice sits on a plate. A pitcher of syrup is shown being poured over the top.
A stack of three golden pancakes sits on a plate. Topped with butter, whipped cream and blueberries. A glass of orange juice is seen in the background.
A red plate is seen on the red-and-white-checkered tablecloth. The plate holds three pieces of fried chicken, two broccoli stalks and a scoop of mashed potatoes topped with gravy. A glass of tea is seen in the background.
A yellow dessert plate is filled with a slice of pie. The pie layers can be seen from crust to a pudding to a light chocolate filling that is topped with piped whipped cream, chocolate sauce and nuts.

Plan Your Event at Best Western Inn of the Ozarks

A well-lit banquet room. Round tables with white tablecloths and white, slipcovered chairs fill the space. Pink floral petals and a small white cake with a floral arrangement on top sits at each table.
A darkened ballroom setting. Two tables are seen close up. One long table is covered with a white tablecloth. Underneath the cloth, strands of lights are illuminated. A round table with two place settings holds votive candles, along with hydrangea flowers.
A ballroom. A dance floor is in the center. Round tables covered with tablecloths surround the dancefloor. Each table has eight black chairs. At one end, a long table is illuminated with a strand of lights under a tablecloth. On the ceiling, a piece of draped fabric extends across the room.
A ballroom setting. The walls are draped in black fabric. Panels of white fabric extend in a draped fashion from the central light fixture. A dance floor is in the middle of the room. A speaker podium is to one side. A small stage is next to the podium. Round tables covered with black tablecloths are on the opposite side of the dancefloor. Each table has eight chairs, each with a black slipcover and a cream bow.
A ballroom. At the front, there is a podium. Black curtain stands line the front of the room to create a softer environment. Round tables are covered with black tablecloths and set for a dinner meal. Each has eight chairs covered with black slipcovers and a cream sash bow. The ceiling is draped with lights and light-colored fabric.
A very large, covered wooden deck area is set up with round tables set for a dinner. The tables are covered with white tablecloths. Each has eight chairs; these chairs are covered with white slipcovers and a green sash. A long table with a cake is seen at one side. Paper lanterns hang from the ceiling.

Stay and Play in Eureka Springs

Wooded, hillside setting with a singletrack descending. A mountain biker wearing gear and a helmet is seen on his bike in the front. A second biker can be seen in the background.
A lake setting. Water fills the frame with a low, rock cliff on one side and wooded tree line on the right. Two paddleboarders are seen on the water. A guy in front and a girl in the back. Both are paddling
A lake setting. A wooden bridge fills the frame with a motorcycle in front, just crossing over the bridge.
A modern architecture chapel. The sides and ceiling feature a series of crossing beams. Glass sides show a wooded outdoor setting. Sleek, blue pews sit on either side of an aisle. No other accents appear to add to the contemporary, minimalist feel.
An outdoor setting with blue skies and green grass. A large white statue of Christ with his arms outstretched sits in the distance. In the foreground, two mountain bikers are ramping off a jump.