One Tank Travels: Glenwood


We invite you to have “More Fun Per Gallon” in Arkansas this year. Each day we will be blogging on different Arkansas destinations which can be reached on one tank of gas or less. This is basically every corner of The Natural State. We hope these suggestions help you in planning a trip to remember.

Today’s Trip: Hot Springs to Glenwood


Another outfitter is Lucky’s and they offer different float trips. More details about this outfit (which has been in business over 5 years and is located at 3 Baker Road) can be found at Arrowhead Cabin and Canoe Rentals is also in town. More information can be found at

After enjoying the river, if you might be up for a bite to eat, here are some dining options in town.

Medium:   5.75 – 7.25: Great floating, few rocks, more boat control. This is the best range.

Higher:  7.25 – 8.75: A fast-paced float for experienced boaters with almost every rapid washed out above 7.50

Flood:  8.75 or greater: At 8.50 feet the river is starting to spread into flood plain and running through dense strainers. Cross currents become powerful. Correct route is most important. No rentals go out at this level.