Get out and smell the roses

Once you visit Arkansas, you’ll understand why we are The Natural State. Mother Nature lives all across our state, particularly within our gardens and arboretums. Through both private and public gardens, you can see not only flowers and trees, but the landscapes, trails, and art that are enshrined into the scenery of the gardens.

P. Allen Smith, conservationist, author, and host of “Garden Home” and “Garden Style,” is the architect behind Moss Mountain Farm where they have lush and eco-friendly gardens for entertaining groups, private parties, weddings and events. There are botanical gardens across the state that display regional flowers, trees and wildlife, and host concerts, events, and seasonal activities. 

No matter the time of year, our gardens will impress all flora enthusiasts. Arkansas boasts a showy palette of color as the wide variety of flowers native to our state begin to bloom. The dogwoods, redbuds, and jonquils of spring soon give way to a host of wildflowers, which provide a procession of blooms throughout the summer season. During autumn, you can catch the fall foliage that has bursts of reds, golds, and oranges, even into our mild temperature winters where the evergreen around the state shine. 

Make a trip to Arkansas to visit these gardens and discover the plants, trees, and flowers that call our state home.