Turrell is an incorporated town on the Great River Road National Scenic Byway less than 20 miles north of West Memphis. It lies along Interstate 55 in Crittenden County, about five miles south of the Mississippi County line. The town began in the 1880s when timber-cutting operations were established by Wisconsin native Fletcher E. Turrell, for whom the town is named.

During World War II, a Prisoner of War (POW) branch camp was established in Turrell. It was one of four in Crittenden County and housed some 500 German prisoners captured in the North Africa campaign. The POWs were contracted out to farmers in the area for manual labor to ease the agricultural manpower shortage during the war.

Though mostly farmland today, the Turrell area also provides a glimpse of what the Delta was like prior to settlement. Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge preserves the wilderness and river bottomlands that once characterized the entire region, providing numerous recreational opportunities.