Oxley is a small hamlet high in the Ozarks between Leslie and Timbo. It is situated along State Highway 66, a main tourist route to and from Mountain View. Oxley lies along both the Leslie Lasso Motorcycle route and the Ozark Grinder Trail for gravel grinding bicyclists. It's also a gateway to Meadow Creek and the wild and scenic Middle Fork of the Little Red River as it flows between Leslie and Shirley.

Located in 100% totality for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse on April 8! Locate your eclipse lodging here or call (870) 448-2557. For additional details, visit the Searcy County Facebook page or website.

The entrance to the Stem Rock Natural Area is only 1.1 miles off Highway 66 along the Oxley Road. Stem Rock is a 1.5 mile round trip hiking, biking, or horse trail to fabulous geological outcroppings including a free-standing pedestal rock. Two loop trails, part of the Ozark Grinder Trail are also available, the Meadow Creek Loop Trail is 17.6 miles, and the Oxley Loop Trail is approximately a 12 mile bicycle ride.