Cave City

Cave City is named for, you guessed it, a large cave located right in the middle of town. While the cold cave was quite a draw back in 1892 when the town was incorporated, today’s refrigerated world looks to Cave City for something tasty - watermelons.

Cave City bills itself as having the “world’s sweetest melons,” which it shares and celebrates each year during its Watermelon Festival.  Held each year since 1980, Charles and Anita Landers have spearheaded this celebration of the town and its rich history of producing the world’s best watermelons. Cave City’s activities in producing watermelons reach as far back as 1938, when a Melon Grower’s Association for Sharp and Independence counties was organized at Cave City.

Festival highlights include seed spittin’, watermelon feasting, live music, other watermelon games and the Watermelon Festival parade.