Weekend getaways in Arkansas

Arkansas has a huge variety of trails…all kinds. Hiking, biking, walking and river paths highlight the best of The Natural State’s scenic beauty. We have other kinds as well…what we call "trip trails." We created these trails to highlight the best of Arkansas’s food, music, recreation, and history. Adding any and all of these to your travel plans creates another dimension to your visit to Arkansas.

Like golf? Then the Arkansas Golf Trail is just for you. Twelve courses in all corners of Arkansas provide challenging games amidst the gorgeous, open scenery we’re known for: the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains, the Timberlands, Central Arkansas, and the geographic wonder in the Arkansas Delta called Crowley’s Ridge.

Like history? We have a Civil War Trail that follows soldiers' routes, trails that trace the Butterfield Overland Mail Route, follow along the Old Southwest Trail, and highlight the Trail of Tears. Monuments, markers and historic sites tell the story of the struggle by Native Americans, African Americans, and Japanese Americans for civil rights.

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