Stay and play…through night and day!

When you gaze at the stars in The Natural State, it feels like entering a magical realm. You experience awe and a sense of connection to something vast and profound, creating cherished memories that endure. Stargazing isn't simply enjoyable—it's a complete adventure!

The state's expansive landscapes and dark skies create an ideal setting to witness the full splendor of the stars. Whether you're an experienced stargazer or simply curious, Arkansas provides a serene retreat where you can unwind and marvel at the wonders above. And by supporting dark sky activities, you play a part in preserving these breathtaking sights for future generations to cherish. So, come and discover for yourself the mesmerizing beauty of Arkansas' starlit nights!

Total solar eclipse from after as the moon appears as a black circle with the sun radiating behind it over a dark sky and the sunset over a tree filled landscape
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Dark Skies Above

Arkansas is a “natural” for those looking to enjoy the beauty of a night sky. In larger cities, that may mean heading to a more remote location without lighting. In smaller communities you can just walk outside your front door and gaze upon the heavens. In other words, the less lighting the better your chance of seeing stars, planets and constellations.

In 2019, the Buffalo National River was named the state’s first International Dark Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association. The Association is the recognized authority for night sky protection and works with governments, communities and city planners to help reduce impacts to natural night skies where possible. The park’s work to promote the protection of Buffalo National River’s natural nighttime environment as a resource to be enjoyed by visitors is what inspired the designation. This designation does not restrict or control lighting in local communities or on private property within the park. Click here to learn more about the park’s prestigious designation.  

In The Natural State, another great choice for stargazing is one of our 52 Arkansas State Parks. In fact, many of the parks offer interpretive programs geared toward astronomy.