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Available March 05, 2021 - March 20, 2022

Dig for a Diamond

Tiffany's Bed & Breakfast

What to know

Our guests love to visit the nearby Crater of Diamonds, where they can dig for diamonds. Ready to get digging? Reserve our new “Dig for a Diamond” package that includes:

  • 2 nights in the room of your choice
  •  Breakfast at Tiffany's every morning of your stay
  • 2 admission tickets to the Crater of Diamonds State Park
  • Diamond mining tools, including a full-sized shovel, screen sifting set, and 5-gallon bucket
  • You can also borrow our copy of the book, “Genuine Diamonds Found in Arkansas” and the accompanying DVD, “How to Find Genuine Diamonds in Arkansas.”

With an average of one diamond a day found at this state park, it seems about time for one of our guests to strike it rich, so we’ve issued a challenge: Our first guest to find a diamond will win a free night at Tiffany’s Bed and Breakfast!   (See our website for details)

1632 Hwy. 347
Bismarck, AR 71929