Strawberry River

What to know

The free-flowing Strawberry River winds through the Ozark foothills some 80 miles before joining the Black River at the western edge of the delta. With headwaters near Salem (Fulton County) the Strawberry gains volume from dozens of spring-fed creeks before reaching its 15th mile. Most recreational use of the stream begins at the U.S. 167 bridge, north of Evening Shade, and continues downstream to the Ark. 115 bridge, near Jesup (Lawrence County). There are access roads about every ten miles and outings can be shorten by electing to float only part of the middle section. The Nature Conservancy preserves 1,400 acres along the stream. There are no marinas along the route, but Lake Charles State Park is east of the river and offers excellent camping and lake fishing. Contact the park at 870-878-6595.
River Access
Evening Shade, AR 72532