Battle Reenactment at Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

The 1862 Battle of Prairie Grove was the last time two armies of almost equal strength faced each other for supremacy in northwest Arkansas. When the Confederate Army withdrew, it was clear Missouri and northwest Arkansas would remain in Federal hands.

Today, historic homes are located on the 838-acre Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, which has a self-guided walking tour and driving tour. The park's visitors center has a gift shop, museum and bookstore. Pavilions, a picnic area and a playground are also at the park. The Hindman Hall Museum at the park features new exhibits detailing and interpreting the Battle of Prairie Grove.

The park reenacts the Battle of Prairie Grove on even numbered years. The reenactment is held on the actual battlefield. This year the event will take place on Dec. 1-2. Admission is $5 per vehicle.

Here’s the schedule for both days:

9 a.m. – All camps open to the public, each day
1 p.m. – Presentation marking the Battle of Prairie Grove, each day


5 p.m. – All camps closed to the public, last self-guided tour ends
7 p.m. – Period Dance at the Latta Barn


10 a.m. – Period church service at log church & Catholic mass at the Jim Parks Shelter
4 p.m. – Closing of all encampments to public

CONTACT: On U.S. 62 in Prairie Grove. 479-846-2990; [email protected];