The Million Dollar Treehouse at Garvan Woodland Gardens 

Tucked away in the midst of Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs is a whimsical sight sure to put a smile on the face. The Bob and Sunny Evans Tree House can be found within the Evans Children’s Adventure Garden section of Garvan Woodland Gardens and is an architectural marvel to behold. It is surrounded by pine and oak trees and from inside the elevated treehouse you have a birds’ eye view of the surrounding natural landscape and a means to see what it feels like to be among the forest canopy.

The unique boomerang shape of the treehouse beckons both children and adults to come closer and experience the site up close. The treehouse, which cost around $1.8 million dollars, has four different levels and the design is meant to represent the different parts of a tree. The surrounding 1.5 acres is filled with Arkansas boulders and natural and man-made features to walk through, under and over. The treehouse was designed by Modus Studio, which is based in Fayetteville.

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