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Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines


What to know

Wondering where to find quartz in Arkansas? Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines offers 5 different experiences:
Crystal Forest Mine - Search a 40-acre open field for your own crystals.
Tailings Crystal Area - Search a field of dirt stocked with quartz crystals and keep everything you find!
Gemstone Sluice - Use a sluice and screening box to search the contents of your bucket for rubies, topaz, and more–you’re guaranteed to find something!
Diamond Collecting - Enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of indoors as your search through a bag of diamond-bearing gravel.
Phantom Crystal Mine (Groups only) - Search “The Pit” for clear quartz and phantom crystals–a rare variety.
So if you’re an avid rock hound on the hunt, visit Wegner for some mineral mining. The area’s rich quartz deposits mean you’ll likely find some in no time!

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82 Wegner Ranch Road
Mount Ida, AR 71957