Ozark Valley Bison Farm LLC

Ozark Valley Bison Farm  LLC

What to know

Ozark Valley Bison Farm is home to one of a very few genetically tested pure herds of the majestic North American Bison, the United States National Mammal. The bison herd and farm is Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grass Fed by A Greener World. Free educational tours of the farm and the bison are offered by appointment. Children, entire families, and groups are welcome.
Learn about the largest land mammal in North America and the US National Mammal. Learn what really caused the reduction of 30-50 million bison to less than 400 animals in 5 small herds in less than 100 years. Learn about the artificial introduction of cattle genes into the modern day bison and how we assembled and maintain one of the few genetically pure bison herds. Meet Rusty and Luke, the two herd sires, and the 40-50 cows of their harem.
3321 Jimmy Creek Rd
Fox, AR 72051