Glen Campbell Scenic Drive

What to know

This 25-mile driving route pays tribute to the late musician and actor Glen Campbell as it passes through the communities he called home during his childhood years in southwest Arkansas. Starting at Courthouse Square in Murfreesboro, the route travels 14 miles east on State Highway 301, then turns north on State Highway 195, where it heads north for 5 miles to the intersection of state highways 195 and 26. Turning west on State Highway 26, the route continues for 1 mile before turning south on Billstown Road. The final stretch consists of the entirety of Billstown Road (5 miles), which ends at an intersection with State Highway 301.

Along the way, travelers will pass through the unincorporated communities of Billstown and Pisgah, the City of Murfreesboro, and the Town of Delight. Campbell grew up in Billstown, but attended school in Delight, and billed himself as being from Delight throughout his career. Campbell is buried in the Campbell Family Cemetery on Billstown Road (approx. 0.7 miles north of the intersection of Billstown Road and State Highway 301), which is open to the public and where a state historical marker interprets his life and career.

The route passes through Crater of Diamonds State Park approximately 2 miles from the route's starting point in Murfreesboro. Other attractions along the route include murals at 412 Antioch St (Hwy 26) in Delight and at 41 Courthouse Square in Murfreesboro and a 0.6-mile paved walking trail following the path of the railroad that once ran through Delight (accessible from the intersection of Michigan St [State Hwy 195] and Railroad St in Delight). Gas stations, restaurants, and shops are available in both Delight and Murfreesboro.
805 N Washington
Murfreesboro, AR 71958