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Matilda and Karl Pfeiffer Museum

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What to know

This early 1930s Tudor-style residence was the home of Karl and Matilda Pfeiffer, son and daughter-in-law of Paul and Mary Pfeiffer. Matilda, who once had a dream of designing Hollywood sets, designed and supervised the construction of this house, as well as creating the 11 acres of grounds and natural gardens. An avid mineral collector, she amassed more than 1,400 specimens from around the world, along with a library of more than 1,600 books and a collection of Native American artifacts. Her extensive collections are on display for visitors. Karl's brother-in-law and sister, Ernest Hemingway and Pauline Pfeiffer Hemingway, were frequent guests in Matilda's and Karl's home when visiting Pauline's parents at their home next door. Scenes from "A Face in the Crowd," the 1956 movie starring Andy Griffith and Patricia Neal, were filmed on site, and still photographs from the movie also are on display.
1071 Heritage Park Drive
Piggott, AR 72454