P.J. Ahern Home

P.J. Ahern Home

What to know

Cherished for its Classical Revival style and its history as one of the oldest homes in Texarkana, the P.J. Ahern Home draws visitors from all around. P.J. Ahern, one of the most influential people to live in Texarkana, built the home in 1906 and his descendants still own it today.

These days, it functions as a museum and cultural hotspot. Take a tour of the house to see the original early twentieth-century fixtures, including the woodwork throughout the house, the gas and electric combination chandeliers, and the Italian tile fireplaces. Tours happen every day at 11:30 am, 2:30 pm and 4:25 pm.

The community is invited to events held at the P.J. Ahern House every month, like bird watching, novelist workshops, and chances to play Victorian parlor games in a real Victorian parlor. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for news about upcoming events!

403 Laurel St
Texarkana, AR 71854