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Fall in Arkansas

When fall approaches, one of the top questions people ask is where and when can the best fall color be seen. In Arkansas, it takes place across distinct regions spanning the mountains to the  river valleys to the flat lands.

Fall colors begin to appear in the Ozarks and other northern sections of the state by the second week in October and continue slowly southward. Mid to late October generally provides peak fall color in the northern portions of Arkansas. 

October and November are two of the most popular months for visitors due to favorable weather for seeing those grand hues of gold, red and orange. Arkansas ranges from the 40s to the 70s in the fall months, making it a popular state for hiking, biking, rock climbing, camping and other outdoor pursuits.

Arkansas is among the Farmer's Almanac's top destinations for viewing fall foliage this year in its list of Best Places For Fall Leaves In The South Central U.S. 

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