From the Arkansas Tourism Team


This month’s Discover Arkansas focuses on agritourism. Agritourism comes in many different forms — from picking your own berries or produce to enjoying a beverage made from the natural bounty found in The Natural State.

Agriculture has always been an important industry in Arkansas. Agritourism combines agriculture and tourism, and can highlight the value of the industry. It allows farmers a way to economically diversify while continuing to protect their land and farms. It can also introduce a new audience to the world of agriculture, especially those who have never experienced life in a rural area.

August is a great time to visit one of our many agritourism partners in Arkansas. Learn more about the economic impact of agriculture or plan a tasting at a winery or distillery. Start looking for your fall pumpkin and autumnal decorations at one of the many u-pick farm locations around the state. Have an amazing August!

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